The House


Broke parents launch underground casino
To pay college fees of their bambino


Lyrics from the opening and closing tracks of director Andrew Jay Cohen and his writing partner Brendan O’Brien’s The House (That Jack Shit Built) say it all really. “Open up the champagne” from Flo Rida’s titular track refers to Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler and their respective agents popping open a bottle of bubbly for services rendered.¬†Alas, the only sounds emanating from the auditorium were not hoots of laughter or slaps of thighs but the roll of tumbleweeds and the whirr of air conditioning. And “Amazing, amazing, amazing” from Crown and The M.O.B.’s Love My People are three words you will never hear anyone use to describe this unfunny, unoriginal, unedifying flop. Continue reading