Cigar-chomping PM fond of a Scotch
Fears Allied invasion will be a botch


Think Sunday, think 9 pm, think BBC 1. For that is where director Jonathan Teplitzky (The Railway Man) and first-time screenwriter Alex von Tunzelmann’s pedestrian film belongs. Not at the Herr Flicks, not even on DVD, but just after Songs of Praise, Countryfile and Antiques Roadshow. Though, if the snooker was on BBC 2, I’d swap the green baize for this beige biography of Winston Churchill (Brian Cox) any day. Continue reading


The Book of Henry


Supercalifragilistic Expialidocious
Not a word to describe mystic film of child precocious

Pardon the pun, but following the car crash that was Diana, you’d have thought Naomi Watts would have exercised greater caution in her choice of film roles. Alas,┬áThe Book of Henry by first-time screenwriter Gregg Hurwitz would suggest otherwise. Continue reading