April Showers


Not my most prolific month in terms of lame limericks. The triple whammy of work, drink and ennui got in the way. Mind you, all was not completely lost for I reviewed seven films, two theatre shows, one jazz gig and wrote a lengthy piece on an LGBT attack in Holland which gave rise to the hashtag #allemannenhandinhand for the Edinburgh-based e-zine reviewsphere. Continue reading


Tremble, False Whigs


That was the “weak and wobbly” that was.

Theresa is May by name, but dismayed by nature.

The “U-Turn Queen”, a titled bestowed upon her by the artist formerly known as the SNP Westminster leader, Angus (Bugger!) Robertson, has turned an unassailable lead into a busted flush!

And despite labelling Corbyn a “terrorist sympathiser”, she now looks like forming a “coalition of chaos” with the DUP! Continue reading