Unleashed: Carroll, Colman and Bancroft


Delightful harmonies by jazz trio
Life-affirming as ‘O Sole Mio


A lyric in Dan Hicks’ song I Scare Myself, sung in the second half of Liane Carroll, Sophie Bancroft and Sara Colman’s intimate gig in the bar of the Traverse Theatre, perfectly encapsulates the chemistry between the performers and the effect they had on their audience: “But it’s so so very different when we’re together / And I’m so so much calmer; I feel better”. The love in the room was tangible, the talent (singing and songwriting, musicianship and chest slapping!) top drawer and the sense of fun and playfulness infectious. But behind it all lay two qualities which elevate the great from the good: fearlessness and honesty. Hence the title Unleashed! Continue reading